Sunday, July 19, 2009

Linux System Manuals

Linux manuals are typically stored in 9 structures -- man1 through man9. The manpath command shows the locations where manuals are located. Typically, manuals are stored under /usr/share/man.

Here is a brief description of what goes into each man structure:

man1 = user tools manuals
man2 = system calls manuals
man3 = c calls manuals
man4 = device driver manuals
man5 = configuration file manuals
man6 = game manuals
man7 = installation package manuals
man8 = system tools manuals
man9 = kernel manuals

The syntax of the command is:
# man

If a command is available in multiple manuals, you can specify which manual you want to look at by specifying the manual number like this:
# man [1-9]


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