Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mplayer Font Problem -- Resolved!

When I started mplayer after installing it on my CentOS 5 box, it thrown an error at me reading
New_Face failed. Maybe the font path is wrong. Please supply the text font file (~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf
The player also failed to play any media files. Any attempt to play an audio or video would result in a player crash. This later problem was resolved by following the instructions in the mplayer FAQs. Please note that this problem is specific to Fedora, RHEL, and CentOS.

The earlier font problem caused no issues as the player was able to play any media files. However, as you would expect, it was very, very annoying. Research revealed that solving this problem was as simple as copying any font file to the ~/.mplayer/ directory and renaming it to subfont.ttf. You can see the fonts available on your system by navigating to fonts:/ in your file browser (nautilus or konqueror).


Sukanto said...

thanks a lot, friend ... I wasn't able to find a solution to this problem after researching on the web until I came to your blog.

great to see a MS developer acknowledging the beauty of linux.
nice job !!! :)

ejan said...

You're welcome! I'm glad the post proved helpful for you.